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Adorable Cactus Leather Glasses Case

Real Sic

  • $ 17.36

This folding, magnetic hard leather glasses case is the perfect companion to your eye wear. Smart, compact design uses a magnetic latch to form a firm but easy-to-open seal. When not in use, this case folds up flat to be stored easily in a bag, pocket or compartment.The design is printed on leather and attached to a cardboard core, making this a lightweight case with a premium feel. Fits eyeglasses and sunglasses of most sizes and includes a lens cloth.Keep your glasses secure in a cute, cactus case. We've designed these adorable cactus glasses cases for cactus lovers! Folds flat for easy storage. Cool, simple design that expands when needed and folds away when not in use. No buttons or clasps, just magical magnets. Use for glasses for sunglasses this is a premium case with great features and cute printed design. . Keep sunglasses safe and enjoy the scenery with this cactus case. These designs are absolutely succulent.