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Bora Bora - The Exotic Flower Earrings - Handcrafted in Sterling Silver

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  • $ 29.78

Exotic flower earrings take their shape from the Dahlia bulbs found only one place in the world, the Bora Bora Island which is our inspiration to name the earrings. The texture of these earrings is not only visually pleasing but if they were real flowers, they would have the same rich and divinely sweet fragrance like the real ones have. Enjoy wearing the Bora Bora Flower Earrings throughout the summer and fall season as these continue to bloom in Bora Bora during these seasons as well and are known to be one of the longest lasting flowers ever. Come in colors like Waterfall Clear, Purple Amethyst, Flamingo Pink, Amber Sunset, Black Magic, and Exotic Red.Select one or more to match your wardrobe. Come in a gift box.In colors of gemstones that take shape of exotic flowers from Bora Bora Island.All hand crafted in zircon stones, with 925 sterling silver hooks.