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Brick Rock Music - A Bluetooth Enabled Speaker and More

  • $ 36.66

The Brick Rock Bluetooth enabled speaker delivers crystal clear musical sound packed in a small box that looks like a brick but is lightweight and easy to carry and rocks music for hours. This speaker can also answer your phone or play music from an memory card. Now play your tune list and relax as this Brick Rock Music will travel with you cordless! It's built in battery will allow you to play music for 4 hours. If you do not have Bluetooth you can use the line in port to play music from any device.This Brick Rock Music will connect to any device with Bluetooth like iphone, iPad, iTouch, Galaxy or any tablet or smartphone. You can stream music from your smartphone to the Brick Rock Music and enjoy a clear boost in sound.Details:-You can also control your device through the speaker like Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind and Stop. -This little wonder comes in multiple colors of RED, BLUE, BLACK, YELLOW AND GREEN.Get yours now and get Rocking!Great for gift giving too.

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