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Cheek and Lip Blush - Tint Me Hot Red - 0.25oz

Rosemira Organics

  • $ 56.85

Tint Me Lilac - Cheek & Lip Blush is a suspension of mineral pigment in a concentrated nourishing serum. The mineral particles are cosmetic grade particle size, much larger than nano-particles and thus not able to cross the blood-brain barrier or get absorbed into the lungs. The color is a deep Plum-Purple and can be used to color cheeks and lips, and as eyeshadow. Use alone or in combination with our other Tints for a unique effect. This Blush is concentrated. It requires the tiniest dot to provide coverage for both cheeks and an even smaller dot will tint your lips. The sensation remaining on the lips after application is like no other lip product you've experienced. If you use it as cautiously as you should our small jars will provide you with color for a long time.

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