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Folding BBQ Tools with Black Handle 20"L Open

  • $ 39.75

Capitalizing on the concept of an oversized pocket knife this compact grilling tool measures just 11.75 when closed but when open turns into two grilling tools (the handle actually separates): a 17 long spatula (great for flipping those burgers); and a 19 long fork with a basting brush on the other end. Also compactly included in the handle is a cork screw, and the spatula includes a bottle opener, too, so you have everything you need for tailgating or the backyard bar-b-cue. This great grilling tool comes in a black gift box with a black foam insert that makes for a great gift presentation and also securely holds the tool in place while traveling to the big game. The black handle is suitable for personalizing and the tools are all stainless steel.

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