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Frankincense and Rose Exfoliating Facial Scrub - 2oz

Rosemira Skin Care Organics

  • $ 47.52

As part of our new Moroccan Red Rose Spa Line. this deeply exfoliating frankincense skin care facial scrub smells of roses and honey Its gentle touch heals all skin types Honey facial exfoliating scrub is an organic face lift Travel pouch comes with a tin can of a mix of Clays. Oats. Rice. Sea Salt. Sandalwood and Honey Powders The liquid portion comes in an amber glass bottle—an infusion of Plum Kernel Oil. Vitamin C. Frankincense and Rock Rose Hydrosols and Mitti Attar Essential Oil An insert to guide you. and a wooden scoop round up this lovely presentation Country of Origin:- US

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