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Gadget Charging Station with Stand

Vista Shops

  • $ 79.68

Gadget Charging Station is a one-stop charging for all your gadgets. It also has a stand so you can continue to watch or play on devices as they are being charged. Made in all metal and shaped like a whale this charger is ready to work for you 24/7. Utilize a Quick USB port with 2.0 amps to charge your gadgets in half the time than you typically charge.The Charge Station has a micro USB built in the cable that pulls out can be used to charge your microUSB devices.It comes in Gold, Silver, and Pink.FeaturesSurge protection on all devices charged.4 USB ports with one High-speed, quick charge port.One micro USB cable that plugs into your device.Built in stand that will hold your smartphone or tablet.Charger plugs into the wall outlet.

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