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Model Movie Projector Lamp

Old Modern Handicrafts

  • $ 453.95

A movie projector is an optomechanical device for displaying motion picture film by projecting it onto a screen. Most of the optical and mechanical elements, except for the illumination and sound devices, are present in movie cameras. Our display movie projector has a functional light at the projector lens which acts as a lamp. It is handmade out of high-quality aluminum and wood. It features many intricate details such as wood case, two-reel system, lens, inching wheel, intermittent sprocket, focusing knob, and a stand. Proudly display this model anywhere you like and it will surely make a conversational piece. A must-have for the collector and enthusiast! Material: Aluminum, Type of bulb base: E12 Maxed, Watts: 75W, Max height: 36 inches. The light bulb is not included and sold separately.