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Old Modern Handicrafts 1945 Motorcycle Collectible, 1:12-Scale, Grey

Old Modern Handicrafts

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The 1942 Indian Model 741 motorcycle was a military bike built for use in World War II The 741 is based on a civilian Thirty-Fifty model It used Indian's conventional V-twin design with a hand-shifted three-speed transmission with a foot-operated clutch Our 741 model is handcrafted of metal It is painted grey and has a scale of 1:7 It features intricate details such as spoke wheels. seat. lightweight frame. pedals. storage compartment. and a windscreen A must-have for the collector and enthusiast! • 100% iron frame • Metal wheels • Wheels roll • Decaled insignia • Exterior details such as the gun and ammo pouches are securely welded on Country of Origin:- US