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Party Skeleton - Spooky For You, Glow-in-the-Dark, Party 'Till You Die Pin

Real Sic

  • $ 13.87

Pick Your Poison! They say life is the time you spend not being dead. We're all walking corpses, so why not party? Bring out the skeleton from your closet and party with this retro looking skeleton pin...The Real Sic Party skeleton pin is a perfect wearable for post mortem, biological, party, and rock enthusiast... Made of high-grade soft enamel with glow in the dark blue and red drink embedded on dyed black metal, this would be perfect for your night-time lurking needs that would surely make your friends jealous and party with this premium enamel skeleton pin. 1.5'' Soft Enamel Pin Pantone Dyed Black Metal Red & Blue Glow-in-the-Dark Solo Cups Double Posted with Metal Butterfly Clasps