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Qualarc DISQ-30X30-BLK Decorative Cast Aluminum Rust Free 30" X 30" Square or Diamond Shape Frame for Business Parks and Community Signs, Black


  • $ 266.00

Our street signs are constructed entirely of aluminum and stainless steel (will not rust or rot) Cast aluminum sign frames for all residential traffic sign shapes can be bolted onto the pole All signs are built to DOT specs which measure 7' from bottom of first sign to ground unless designated otherwise Overall height is determined by configuration Poles come in three lengths: 14' 6. 12'. and 11' Pole diameter is 3 OD Black is the standard color for street sign poles Street sign blades and frames are of cast aluminum Specify either hanging (H) or bolt-on (B) A scroll arm (SA) is needed for hanging blades or hanging blade frames Raised letter blades are two sided in black. white or dark green The raised letters and border come in black. gold. or reflective white Custom colors available Cast aluminum products are first poured in a sand mould that does not allow perfection in every detail But that's the appeal of such castings These accidentals of art lend an Old World charm to each piece that no artist could fashion intentionally In effect. each one is a unique creation Country of Origin:- US

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