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Roast Duck Flavor Dog Food Topper 8 oz

  • $ 22.31

Great for picky eaters, Adds a delicious flavor and aroma to every meal, No refrigeration necessary, Can be used with all breeds and ages, Easy and convenient to use, No messy cleanup after use, All natural ingredients, Made in the USA All human grade ingredients, Supports healthy skin and coat, Adds 200 mg of OMEGA 3 per meal, Will not turn dry dog food mushy or soggy, No artificial ingredients or preservatives, Multiple flavors to choose from Improves the aroma and flavor of any dog food both wet or dry types, Gluten free, Sodium free, Protein free, Potassium free, All vegan recipe, Safe for diabetic dogs. No Fish Kill Product Boosts Omega 3 by 200 mg 3 daily! This is enough Omega 3 to see improvements in your dogs skin and coat within 5-6 weeks of daily use.

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