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Safari Animals Wall Art Set

Stratton Home Decor

  • $ 75.72

Jungle animals hold a special place in every child's heart. Their unique colors, shapes, and sizes just fill your little one's eyes with wonder and amazement all the time. Infuse your child's room with safari vibes with the Stratton Home Decor Safari Animals Wall Art Set. Your child's safari adventure starts in his/her room with this set of wall art pieces. Showing off a colorful image of an elephant, a cheetah, a lion, and a giraffe, this animal-themed wall art set makes your plain-looking wall come to life in no time. The colorful animals paired with a cream background and a wooden frame with grain and knot details. Expect this wall art set to last many years as it is made of 30% wood, 30% glass, 10% paper, and 30% MDF.

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