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SWEET SMILE Curvy Bar Necklace In 18 Kt Gold Plating And 925 SS Plating

  • $ 24.47

One Sweet Smile that makes the Sun shine brighter and Moonlit night so romantic.. Express positive personality and sweetness of nature with this Curvy Bar Necklace.. Wear it every day and look young and feel younger, no matter what your age is .. Wear your smile every day and make more friends, smile is that one curve which sets everything straight as they say..! Sweet Smile..what a beautiful thing to give and receive.. DETAILS: The Necklace is made of substantial 18kt Gold plated and 925 SS plated bar and chain. The curved bar is suspended from the chain. The Length of the chains:18 inches. It can be extended up to 20 inches with 2-inch chain(included). It comes in Silver and Golden. Great for gift giving too, it comes in a gift pouch.