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Tinted Sunscreen Serum - Silver - 0.25oz

Rosemira Organics

  • $ 67.88

An effective and safe tinted sunscreen is hard to come by. We are pleased to share this long awaited product with you. A wealth of organic ingredients is at the base of this formula. To argan and buriti oils - nourishing anti-oxidant oils possessing natural sunscreen properties, we've added our proprietary formula of flowers infused in Jojoba oil, essential oils and a pure mineral pigment. No FD&C colorants or lake dyes. This is a pure and effective formulation offering mild sunscreen protection with a lovely tint for all skin types. As a foundation, it evens skin tone, smooths texture and diffuses lines, while providing a naturally soft, breathable finish. It's lightweight and easily absorbed as it replenishes your skin.

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