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Wichard HR D Shackle - Diameter 15/64"

Wichard Marine

  • $ 63.89

HR D Shackle - Diameter 15/64"Features:Forged D shackle in HR stainless steel grade (17,4 PH)Outstanding working and breaking loadAn HR shackle can be up to 60% more resistant than a shackle in 316L stainless steelWLL: only for industrial applications (lifting i.e…)CE marking and batch numberApplicationsApplications requesting high loadsStandard applications of the shackleAttachment applications: blocks, headDo not use it for mooring applicationsSpecifications:Materials HR 17.4 PH stainless steel gradeWorking load (lb) 2290WLL (lb) 1010Breaking load (lb) 5070Weight (lb) 0.053A (inch) 25/32"B (inch) 15/32"C (inch) 15/64"D (inch) 5/8"D diameter (inch) 15/64"E (inch) 9/32"F (inch) 1 13/16"G (inch) 1 13/16"