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Yellow-Painted and Metal Crane Model Truck

Old Modern Handicrafts Inc (OMH)

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Before 1870 crane was fixed to a position. except for some mounted on flatcars. which provided some restricted movement Appleby Brothers demonstrated steam-powered cranes in Paris in 1867 and Vienna in 1873 In 1922. Henry Coles. manager of Appleby Corp. began producing truck-mounted cranes under the name Petrol Electric Lorry Crane Display our crane truck model in your home or office It's 100% handmade out of tin that includes intricate amazing details such as heavy metal boom. chain and hook. turnable wheels. headlights. running boards. spare tire Features: - 100% handmade out of tin - Handpainted yellow - Muddy looking front guard It's a great item for office decoration or heavy equipment enthusiasts Country of Origin:- US